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Valves locator fault

1.  Ordinary locator adopts mechanical force balance principle work, namely jet flapper technology, mainly exist in the following fault types:
1)  Because by mechanical force balance principle works, its moving parts more, easily influenced by temperature, vibration, the fluctuation caused by regulator,
2) Using jet flapper technology, because the nozzle aperture is small, susceptible to dust or unclean air blocking, making locators can not work normally,
3) Using force balance principle, springs elastic coefficient changed in bad scene, causing regulator nonlinear lead to control quality decreased.
2.  Intelligent locator is composed by microprocessor (CPU), A/D, D/A converter and other parts, its working principle and common locators are quite different. The given value and the actual value compasion is electric signals, is no longer force balance. Therefore overcome the conventional locators force balance faults. But for emergency parking timeliness, such as emergency cut-off valve, emergency vent valves, etc. These valves required stationary stay in one position, only an emergency occurs, they need to reliably action. Long time stay in one position easy to make the electrical signal converter runaway small signle without moving dangerous conditions. Besides the sensor used in valve position because working at the scene, electric resistance value is easy changed and cause small signal do not move, in order to ensure the reliability and intelligent locator availability, must doing frequent testing to them.