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Intelligent electric regulator

This kind of regulator uses intelligent servo amplifiers, digital operators, reducing mechanism, valve position detection sending device and electric regulator etc. The main difference with general electric regulator is adopting servo amplifier with intelligent functions. Intelligent servo amplifier is small-sized computer, it receives the standard simulating current or voltage signal, via analog digital conversion as digital signals, by mircoprocessor to compare input signal and setting signal, and calculate according to certain rules operations, output signal after analog digital conversion driving corresponding electric regulator. It is similar with intelligent valve locator pneumatic valve working principle, intelligent motorized regulator main difference is using electric regulator, therefore, output signal transmit motors (can be single phase or three phases motor), and after the deceleration device to change electric valves opening. Intelligent electric valves is also using the setting loop nonlinear characteristics to compensate for controlled object nonlinear characteristics, therefore, avoid the feedback loop nonlinear control systems caused instability phenomena. At the same time, because of using digital means to realize nonlinear compensation, therefore, can according to the pressure drop ratio and required working flow characteristic to determine nonlinear compensation link each line point location.