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1151 3-Valve Manifolds

1151 3-valve manifolds feature and application

1151 3-Valve Manifold consists of two pieces of pressure gain valves and balanced valve can be complete with different pressure transmitter, then we can switch on or switch off measuring point. The inlet is NPT1/2 female thread. Other threads can be available according to the customer's requirements. If the lead-in pressure Entrance joint is needed, please mark it out when make an order.

1151 3-valve manifolds diagram and connecting dimensions

EN5-9 1151 3-Valve Manifold pic 1
Structure of EN5-9 1151 3-Valve Manifold pic 2
Structure of EN5-9 1151 3-Valve Manifold pic 3

1151 3-valve manifolds technic date and material

No. PN outlet Applicable Temperature (℃) Body
1 32MPa plate type installation -20~450 20#
2 -70~240 1Cr18Ni9Ti